Rules of Competitions

Rules of entry to Internal Photographer of the Year (POTY)

                  For all club competitions

  1. Entry to all competitions is open only to fully paid up members
  2. Members can only enter one image for each of the nominated themes.
  3. Judges will be appointed by the club committee.
  4. Judges decisions will be final
  5. Points will be awarded by the nominated judge according to: a) relevance to the nominated theme b) artistic, creative and technical ability
  6. The total points gained by each member from all themes will be used to decide upon the club photographer of the year. He or she gets to have the competition shield for the following year.
  7. The 2017 Competition will be in two categories of photographer: Advanced (holders of distinctions, medals). Non-advanced. Members to declare which category they wish to be in.

  Print Competitions

  1. Minimum acceptable print size is 10 inches x 8 inches (254 mm x 203 mm).
  2. Maximum acceptable print size is 16 inches x 12 inches (405mm x 305mm).
  3. Entries will be accepted mounted or unmounted.
  4. Mount size must not exceed 20 inches x 16 inches.
  5. Unmounted prints will be deducted two bonus points by the competition committee.
  6. Judges will award points on a scale of 1 to 10 for each print.  Decimal portions of marks may be awarded at the judge’s discretion eg 8.5, 9.0, 9.5 etc.Prints may be in colour or monochrome unless specified.

 Projected Images

  1. All images should be JPEG/JPG file format and not larger than 3Mb
  2. Images can be brought in prior to competition on memory card, USB key or CD. Alternatively images can be emailed to Competition Secretary (details at club nights)
  3. Images will be judged by all club members and average o=f all scores will be awarded for each entry