2018 POTY

2018 Club Photographer of the Year (POTY) Competition

This years internal competitions to find the clubs Photographers of the Year will consist of two rounds of printed photos and one of projected images. Following on from last year, there will be two photographers of the year depending on experience. These two categories are Advanced and Non-Advanced. No time constraint on when the pictures where taken unlike the same constraint for the Suir Valley Competition.


First Print Competition

To be collected on March 19th. Judges scores / feedback April 2nd.

Themes are:

1) Night Photography

2) Portrait (a photograph of a person, especially one depicting only the face or head and shoulders)

3) Still Life


Projected Images

To be submitted by e-mail by midnight Friday May  11th. Judged by all members.

Themes are:

1) Mono

2) Reflections

3) Open


Second Print Competition

To be collected on November 5th     Judges scores/feedback at following meeting.

Themes are:

1) River Suir

2) Irish Landscape/Seascape

3) Irish Nature (Flora and Fauna. No captive or domestic Animals. Must be taken in Ireland)