IPF Appoint Mark Sedgwick as new IPF President

Mark Sedgwick has been appointed as the new IPF President. Mark visited our club here during the 2066/2007 season and gave a great talk on going for distinctions.

A few words from the new IPF President, Mark Sedgwick

Welcome to the July 2007 edition of the IPF Review. I was delighted and honoured to accept the position of President of the IPF at the recent Council meeting held in Dublin. The IPF is operating in a dynamic and exciting time for photography as advances in digital optical and printing equipment are rivalling and surpassing the traditional analogue era. This is particularly evident in the transparency area where our organisation is making the transition to projected image across the board. We must be doing something right in this regards after the wonderful results in the FIAP 24th Slide and Projected Image Biennial in November 2006. The digital panel from Ireland came second to the World Cup winners, France! Let’s keep it up!

I look forward to an exciting term in office as the IPF adapts to support these changes and enhance the photographic experience of all our members. I look forward to seeing more inclusion and participation by all our clubs, large and small, across the full range of all our activities. The IPF is an organisation owned and run by YOU. There are a wonderful group of talented people who give freely of their time to promote and foster photography in Ireland at all levels, from Club, to region, to national. I ask you all to support and help these people to this best of your ability by involving yourselves and your clubs in all our activities, be it competition, distinction, lecture or training – we can’t do it without you!

I hope that the summer brings photographic satisfaction to all our members and friends, and that the forthcoming 2007/2008 season will be a successful and enjoyable one for all!

Yours in Photography,
Mark Sedgwick FIPF EFIAP
IPF President

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