I bhFócas on TG4

I bhFócas is an Irish language television program on TG4. It is a 6 part series that started on September 25th at 8pm on TG4, airing again each subsequent Thursday with repeats the next Sunday at 7.30pm.

The programme is hosted by Sean O’Donaile and features a different guest every week. The guest chooses a series of locations that are important to them personally. At each location, a photograph is made and a photographic tip is passed on to the viewers. At the end of every programme, the guest is presented with a print from each location and gets to pick their favourite one.

English subtitles are provided to non Irish speaking viewers.

Episode 1 – Aired September 25, 2008 8pm.
Episode 2 – Aired October 2, 2008 8pm.
Episode 3 – Airs October 9, 2008 8pm.
Episode 4 – Airs October 16, 2008 8pm.
Episode 5 – Airs October 23, 2008 8pm.
Episode 6 – Airs October 30, 2008 8pm.

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